Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors is a leader in our community in offering personal financial and investment planning to individuals of all ages. It is never too late to start planning for the future. Our plans are tailored to each individual and utilize the latest technology and common sense born of experience.


Financial planning is an ongoing process of identifying life goals and strategically managing one's finances to meet those goals. It is a big picture, holistic approach to financial advice that takes into account all areas of a person's financial life. This could include portfolio analysis, retirement planning, educational funding, insurance needs, or an estate planning review.

The financial planning process can be broken down into six steps.   


     1.  Establish the planner-client relationship

     2.  Gathering information – including goals and objectives

     3.  Analyzing the client's current financial position

     4.  Recommending a course of action including alternatives

     5.  Implementing the plan

     6.  Monitoring the plan and modifying it as circumstances change


Whether you need a full comprehensive financial plan or just need to focus on a specific investment target, the advisors at CPIA can guide you through this planning process.