March 20, 2020



Dear Valued Client,


The issues caused by the Coronavirus have resulted in a great deal of change for us all.  Please know our most important concern is for you and your family.  We are fully committed to providing you continuous investment management and advisory services. 


Out of respect for your health, and the health and safety of everyone, we have implemented our Business Continuity Plan.  Although none of our staff show symptoms, and there has been no known contact with any infected person(s), it is prudent to comply with CDC and other government directives to prevent the spread of the virus.   


In accordance with our Business Continuity Plan, we have most of our staff now working remotely.  We are available by telephone, (607) 391-7080, and our advisers have full computer access to serve you and manage your investments.  Under the circumstances, face to face meetings should be avoided.  However, we are available to meet with you by telephone or through computer or video system.  If you need to deliver documents, please mail them or call to arrange a drop off.     


We do ask for your patience, especially in the next days, as we transition to this new and hopefully brief, temporary working arrangement.


This is an extraordinary and unprecedented time in history.  The pandemic and its impact have been sudden and dramatic. There is much that is not known about the virus, and its potential impact on the nation's health and economy.   At such times as these, it is easy to let worry and fear get the better of us.  We encourage you not to panic, but take appropriate precautions regarding the health of you and your family.  Please be optimistic and smart about establishing healthy routines. 


I personally believe in what government officials say that we all need to do to help stop the spread of the virus.   We urge you to follow these steps, including:


  1. Clean hands often with soap.
  2. Avoid any close social contact. Keep six feet distance and do not shake hands.
  3. Appropriately cover coughs and sneezes.
  4. Clean surfaces and disinfect.
  5. Stay home if you or anyone in your household is sick.
  6. If you suffer any symptoms, contact your physician or your local health department and arrange to get tested.
  7. Stay in contact with family and friends to help maintain your well-being.


As always, we are at your service and available to you.  You may reach members of our staff at (607) 391-7080.






Ezra Cornell, President













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